[Academic] Caffeine and gaming survey

2021.09.26 15:27 hosifena [Academic] Caffeine and gaming survey

Hi Everyone! I am doing a semester-long project for my portfolio class and need to do a survey to get some primary research. My instructor wants me to have at least 50 people respond and I remembered that this was a great place to help each other out. My survey is about gathering some basic information about people, between the ages of 18 and 30, and learning about their gaming habits and preferences in energy drinks. My questionnaire takes about 5 minutes. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it!!
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2021.09.26 15:27 magony Hamilton pits for intermediate tyres as Norris stays out

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2021.09.26 15:27 BE3FY Would an animagi’s animal form be the same as their patronus?

As far as I know Rowling’s never addressed this and I don’t think we ever see a known animagus cast a patronus. The closest we get to amy sort of hint of this being the case that I know of is James’ animagus form being a stag and Lily’s patronus being a doe.
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2021.09.26 15:27 DonDoflamingo Does "For Whom the Bell Tolls" get any better?

I'm currently 70+ pages in and I'm starting to get bored. The main protagonist Robert Jordan is a shell with no substance. The plot hasn't kicked in at all.
The love story between the Robert and Maria is melodramatic and at times absolutely hilarious. They tell each other "I love you" within hours of having their first meeting! Lmao.
Does is get any better than this?
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2021.09.26 15:27 sonic_yoda Retro-Bit Reveal Officially Licensed Larger 6 Button Mega Drive Controllers in 3 Button Form Factor

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2021.09.26 15:27 Duaneran BABY DOGE.......

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2021.09.26 15:27 Worldpeaceman401 How would you deal with a no call no show on a date?

For this scenario this is early in the relationship, like the first or second date. You were the one who scheduled the date.
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2021.09.26 15:27 TakeARideintheVan Help me find the perfect body pillow! Please?

Anybody here able to recommend an amazing body pillow for sleeping? I’m 16 weeks pregnant with twins. My back and hips are already killing me. I ordered one that had great reviews off Amazon and it is the floppiest waste of money ever. I just end up on my back on top of it in the middle of the night.
I’m looking for something pretty firm with high sides. Preferably in a U or C shape so I’m not chasing pillows all over the bed all night.
I don’t have an ideal budget. I’ll spend every cent in my account and take out a loan if it means I sleep more than 2 hours at a time and don’t wake up crying like I have been.
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2021.09.26 15:27 CryptoCrunchApp Average Aussie Crypto Portfolio Sees 258% Increase Rate In 2021

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2021.09.26 15:27 bradwiley123 Twilight sea

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2021.09.26 15:27 otakudiary1 Taamo Launches Tsumugu to Koi ni Naru Futari Manga on October 22

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2021.09.26 15:27 cxc_mod Manchester United will nothing as long as Ole is the manager

The hard truth is that Ole is a manager who has won 0 trophies, has struggled and continues to struggle in cup competitions, and whose literal only claim to fame is a measly 2nd place finish to a Man City team that was 12 POINTS clear of Manu.
What Ole has brought in terms of feelings and culture has been great almost refreshing to the nightmare of Mourinho and co, but let’s not kid ourselves we haven’t accomplished anything.
Ole just got knocked out in the THIRD ROUND of a cup we should be expecting to win to west hams reserve team. Every single one of our major rivals made it through this round.
Ole also just lost a CL match to Young Boys.
Ole barely managed to beat west hams team in the league without their top goal scorer (Antonio) and struggled against teams like Southampton. And we are expected to keep a form that will magically keep us at the top of the league?
As for the loss to Villa at Old Trafford alot of people blamed Greenwood for his selfishness in the final third but ultimately that goes back to the coaching. Ole saw Greenwood's selfishness and did nothing, didn't shout at him at the touch line, didn't correct him at half time based on the second half performance, didn't sub him off, he just sat there and watch. Personally I think he was waiting for Greenwood to bail us out again with individual brilliance.
Just literally watch the way liverpool, city, and Chelsea play. It’s really not rocket science why they get consistent results and it doesn’t take much in fancy tactical talk to notice a difference in how they dictate matches. They may struggle from time to time and have to grind out results but that’s usually more due to injuries and fatigue than anything.
We literally are grinding out results at the beginning of the season with a relatively fit squad.
What happens if Bruno gets injured? Varane gets injured? Greenwood?
What can anyone say about Ole that make doubters sure he is fit? The simple fact is Ole finished 20th with Cardiff and couldn’t win the Norwegian league with molde and now he's supposed to magically pull a champions league or prem? That's delusional
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2021.09.26 15:27 Cashmoneytalks Be Honest

Am I A Dumbway Sub Reddit Legend ?
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2021.09.26 15:27 Red-eleven and it feels so good

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2021.09.26 15:27 BearNotTheChubbyCat True

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2021.09.26 15:27 disasterousbuffalo what better models share the same replacement parts as E5?

I wanted to get a newer roomba that remembers where it went instead of just bumping around randomly.
I'd like to find one that shares the same replacement parts like rollers mainly.
I like the size of the dirt bin so want one at least the same size or bigger.
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2021.09.26 15:27 Prince-Cola Garantert å få korona hvis man drar til Oslo med bare 1 dose?

Man skal helst ikke reise rundt i disse tider, spesielt i byene. Men jeg skulle ha snakket med en lege/spesialist som bare er i Oslo.
Er det absolutt så vanskelig nå at man får korona i Oslo nesten uansett? Blir flyplass til sentrum med ubetaxi, til hotel og så tilbake neste dag.
Har bare en dose, blir veldig redd når jeg leser om Oslo..samtidig som helseproblemet jeg har blir verre og verre.
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2021.09.26 15:27 WinstonFox [Sep21] The blood makes it hard to keep a grip on the knife.

Today I learned that “death by a thousand cuts” is not guaranteed.
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2021.09.26 15:27 kmscott95 Overwhelmed - any advice?

Hi all,
Got my first ever plot yesterday. I'm a keen gardener and certainly know my stuff. However, the plot I've inherited is completely over grown. The whole thing is covered in waist high grass and I had a go with the petrol strimmer today and feel like I just got my parking space down and barely made any actual progress. I know little and often is key here and I can't build Rome in a day but has anyone got any words of wisdom or something to reassure me?
Is a strimmer the best method right now? Is there something else I could do?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.26 15:27 otakudiary1 Interview: Remake Our Life!'s True-to-Life Depiction of Creative Work With Frontwing Producer Yasuhiro Atobe

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2021.09.26 15:27 Semi-Automatic420 I want to get the flip3 for my mom but am concerned about battery life

what is the chance Samsung increases the battery next generation?
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2021.09.26 15:27 BrasilOnReddit [r/farialimabets] Encontrei esta questão num concurso do Banco do Brasil, quem foi?

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2021.09.26 15:27 user12691269 Best buy GPU with low electricity cost

What would be the best buy used or new GPU with low electricity cost of $0.03 kWh?
For example I can see that I can buy 4 * used RX 580 = 120MHS cheaper than new 3090 giving same hashrate.
What are my best options?
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2021.09.26 15:27 Absozero0 Ubuntu server(wifi) not communicating to other devices on Lan

I've been wanting to make this post for some time.
So I just installed Ubuntu server on an old Dell laptop. Nobody at home was using it as an actual desktop so I decided to install Ubuntu server on it, imo one of my better known distros to use, and use the comp as a LAN server(ex: gitea for code).
So I installed ubunu server with my WiFi and the correct password as well as all the default settings except two, and the two were changing the WiFi IPv4 settings to dhcp and turning off Lvm groups.other than that, default settings.
I go into the shell, and I make sure that I am able to access internet by using ifconfig and I install cockpit with apt to make sure the network is working. it works perfectly. there was a systemd process that said waiting for network to be configured as the comp was booting but I removed it using optional: true in the netplan file.
Now, to the main issue. The computer itself connects to the internet just fine but when I try to ping the ip address of the server from another device on the same network, the IP shown in ifconfig, the command, which im running on a Chromebook, replies with Destination Host Unreachable. The IP address it replies from is the network's IP address, according to the information of the network shown on the Chromebook.
Heres the wierd thing. if I ping the network IP from the server itself, the ip I stated before the pings go through and it replies that the packets have been sent to the server. When I open the cockpit panel and go to updates, it says that it cannot refresh cache while offline, then suddenly the server returns to sending Destination Host Unreachable errors in the terminal and the cockpit panel goes offline.
if there is any other info I need to attach, please do say so as I have been struggling with this problem quite a bit.
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2021.09.26 15:27 Izi-V Created Clubs and Created Players

Will i be able to transfer created players to my created club once i start the career mode? I will play on PC if that helps.
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