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Mr. Steal Your Girl. Upvote this so that people see it when they Google "Mr. Steal Your Girl".

2021.10.23 15:18 DirkolaJokictzki Mr. Steal Your Girl. Upvote this so that people see it when they Google "Mr. Steal Your Girl".

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2021.10.23 15:18 Liquidtruth trying to save my yucca tree :(

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2021.10.23 15:18 xfrombelow The Blacklist album by Metallica.

Is it good? I have heard like couple songs. I like the idea of artists from all genres covering such an iconic project, with no stigmas or judgements. The thing I do not like very long albums, unless they are worth it!
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2021.10.23 15:18 PreemTea Found this great mini sketchbook, what is this size called?

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2021.10.23 15:18 flooshisop Accidently spent all my wood on stairs so I started putting it on my roof since the wood I was crafting was supposed to be on the roof

Accidently spent all my wood on stairs so I started putting it on my roof since the wood I was crafting was supposed to be on the roof submitted by flooshisop to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 15:18 altovaliriano Um personagem de House of the Dragon que já está fazendo falta: Cogumelo

Há muitos anúncios e rumores de castings, mas nenhum deles até o momento deu notícia sobre uma escalação muito aguardada: o bobo Cogumelo.
Quem acompanhou o lançamentos dos contos O Príncipe de Westeros e A Princesa e a Rainha sabe que Cogumelo é um dos personagens mais queridos do fandom. Suas versões muitas vezes absurdas dos fatos são um alívio muito bem-vindo na pesada história da Dança dos Dragões.
O alívio nem sempre é cômico. Em algumas passagens, os supostos relatos de Cogumelo (quero lembrá-los que ninguém sabe ao certo que teria anotado os relatos) revelavam aspectos bem sombrios dos fatos. Entretanto, mesmo quando era dark, as histórias do anão tinham o fascínio da história popular (ou seja, fofoca).
Sem algumas intervenções cômicas, a Dança dos Dragões pode redundar em um grande novelão enfadonho. Por isso que acredito que House of the Dragon não excluiria este personagem.
Tudo indica que a nova série não vai ser narrada pelas fontes da Dança (Munkun, Eustace e Cogumelo), mas isso não quer dizer que os roteiristas não vão se preocupar como a história é percebida pelos diversos personagens. Na verdade, a interpretação enviesada dos fatos é justamente a espinha dorsal da história.
Desse modo, minha aposta é que Cogumelo será incluído e que servirá como alívio cômico. Porém, não será tão caricato quanto em Fogo & Sangue. Provavelmente, ele terá sua própria percepção e conclusões sobre o conflito, bem como conflitos internos sobre o lado que ele adotou (Pretos). Eu até não excluo a possibilidade de ele servir como agente duplo por um tempo. Mas minha principal aposta é de que ele será frequentemente "a pessoa errada, na hora errada".
Em minha mente, os momentos mais cômicos serão justamente Cogumelo presenciar momentos entre os personagens principais que possam ser levados para o duplo sentido. Momentos que, se observados de fora, induziriam quem observa a tirar conclusões bem absurdas sobre o que está acontecendo. E isso justificaria os relatos muitas vezes aleatórios que ele dá para os eventos.
Por fim, eu quero registrar: existem rumores de uma pessoa com nanismo no set em Cáceres. Mas não era Cogumelo.
Segundo o youtuber espanhol Maglor, havia uma cena em gravação na cidade que mostrava uma companhia teatral onde um anão fazia parte do elenco. O ator foi trocado de última hora, o que, segundo o youtuber, significaria que não era Cogumelo. Mas vai saber...
Caso o anão na companhia teatral fosse realmente Cogumelo, seria interessante acompanharmos o personagem enquanto ele não trabalhava na corte e acompanhar sua história na trama, o que lhe daria um arco próprio. Nada mais digno.
O que acham?
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2021.10.23 15:18 UrMessinWithATexan Any recommendations for a good CC purse?

My moms birthday is coming up and I finally got her to schedule her shooting test to get her LTC (also we got Constitutional carry so yay) and wanted to get her a CC purse for her birthday. I know its not the best way to carry but its probably the only way I will convince her to carry so its what Im going with (better in a purse than at home IMO). So to all the ladies out there who have tried or use a CC purse do you have any recommendations?
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2021.10.23 15:18 Nived6669 What is the name of this hose? 88 Cherokee

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2021.10.23 15:18 Ketrimoner [PS4] (+10) W: 15 Heavy infusions & 25 ledos. H: Ask

pm me to discuss what you want
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2021.10.23 15:18 mangoyuh Proud of this production! Appreciate any feedback Seko House - Full Circle

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2021.10.23 15:18 Odd-Ad7389 I have a crush

I met a girl through my sister friends. We met a couple of times but always in groups and never talked much because she seems pretty shy and I am shy too. Last time we met we talked a little bit more but I never told her that I like her. She left my town and moved to a different town. Recently she sent me a friends request on facebook and I took the risk to write her. I asked her how she is doing and what plans she has for future. After a couple of texts she told me that she would like to see me again and hangout. She said that she might visit some friends in my city and we should hangout if I would like that. I told her that I would like that and that she should text me when she wants to come. She answered with “super, good then” and 😘 That’s where our texting ended a week ago. The problem is that I really want to see her and I don’t want to wait until she decides to come. How can I start another conversation her? What should I do from now on?
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2021.10.23 15:18 FoggyGlassEye Deja Goute

As Val began to fade into consciousness, she realized two things at the same time: she couldn’t feel her arms, and she was upright. She could feel her legs, but not the ground beneath her feet.
“Oh, she’s stirring…” a deep voice from the darkness whispered in a playful, singsong way. The voice in the shadows laughed softly, striking a match and lighting a few candles on the other side of the room. Val could see a tall, thin figure before her, and near the candles, a hand holding a matchbox.
His skin was a lifeless white- almost gray- yet somehow he was walking and talking anyway. He walked to a nearby chair, and when Val saw it, she knew that she was in her own basement. She tried to say something, anything, but she was gagged.
“Now, this is unusual for both of us,” the man said, sitting down. He turned to look at her, and while she couldn’t see his face in any true detail, she could see that he had no hair, not even eyebrows. “I’m not some feline, playing with my victim for sheer entertainment. I survived that phase long ago. Most of my kind do not, struck down to piles of dust by some lucky fools before they could truly mature. No, I’m not here for fun, or for sport, but out of curiosity.
“I was simply sightseeing when I visited this little mining town, wanted to see how it thrived while so many others withered away. Thought I’d grab a bite to eat, but when I did, something… unprecedented for me happened.”
He stood up, and Val watched helplessly as he began to close the distance. Reaching out, he pulled the gag from her mouth and tossed it aside. “Do you have family somewhere nearby, perhaps on the west coast? Portland? Seattle, maybe?”
Val shook her head. “No. Please, just let me go. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please.”
He smiled. “I know that taste. There was someone recent, someone with raven-black hair like yours, eyes the same shade of green, blood like spiced honey. You had a sister, didn’t you?”
“I’m an only child,” Val corrected, hoping that playing along with his insane ramblings could lead to her somehow surviving this encounter. “Born and raised.”
The man considered this, placing one hand on her neck. She could feel the soreness of the bite wound there. “Neither appetite nor curiosity have been sated, unfortunately. Perhaps you could assist me further with a clearer head, or with another taste. I’ll let you decide, then: would you rather face death now, or possibly never?”
“Don’t kill me. Please, God, just don’t kill me,” Val begged, squirming as he got even closer.
Pressing his thumb against his free hand and scraping his nail against the palm, they both watched as blood began to ooze out. “Fantastic,” he said, smiling. “We will continue to explore this together.” He pressed his bleeding hand against her mouth. “Drink.”
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2021.10.23 15:18 ayetokkio LEGENDARY AMONG US COLLAB PagMan 🤙

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2021.10.23 15:18 thethethebatman DC VS Vampire

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2021.10.23 15:18 Woohoo_ow Darkrai - 5407 6928 2296

Adding up to first 9, please be online and ready!
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2021.10.23 15:18 J0NICS Has anyone cleared the Arena stage on Alien Survival?

I need tips on how to finish it up to wave 10. Cant find a safe spot.
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2021.10.23 15:18 ekkthree morris is not the answer - or the problem

well, not the entire problem.
i find myself in the anti-donovan camp, but think the calls for morris' replacement are misplaced. to 'burn it all down' replace the ad, hc, oc, dc, qb sure would be cathartic, but hardly constructive. he's missed short, missed long, missed completely, and takes too long. but my position is that jondon is on the hook for a lot of that cuz morris is tasked with executing an offense that's not tailored to his talents.
part of a coach's job, arguably one of the most important parts, is to themselves learn their players. what they can/can't do, what they like/dislike, habits and traits. i don't see evidence that jondon took the time to learn about his starter. no qb is going to be perfect. and at this age, maturity levels are all over the map. once they get them on campus it's on the coaches to exploit their strengths and scheme around weaknesses, because there's going to be strengths and weaknesses. i don't fault morris for not being a generational quarterback. he's seems perfectly serviceable if not amazing. but the kid's like 19(?) years old. give him some guidance. he needs coaching based on his own abilities, not what predetermined offense jimmy told you he wants.
fwiw, it was the same thing with sam in there. coaches are hell bent on "establishing the run to draw in the defense, then taking the top off with long passes." ok. but that's proven to be an all or nothing approach. why not ease your 5 star into it with some short throws. then stretch things into the 10-15yd range. sustain the drive for 3 or 4 first downs. why did that huard drive seem completely disposable ? as if they just sent him out there cuz they had to send someone, anyone, onto the field.
from what i see morris shows all the hallmarks of a qb being given mixed messages from the coaching staff and is acutely aware of the weight on his shoulders. two things coaches should avoid. sure seems like a player who's thinking too much.
maybe he does get replaced. okay. but to be fair, i'd like to see him play under a new OC first.
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2021.10.23 15:18 7i1i2i6 Things to do with foodies/small batch lovers?

I'm very new to realizing one is never enough. Several of my friends and I love trying new restaurants, trips to breweries/wineries, and sharing beer flights.
Without needing to disclose that I'm having this problem, are there any ideas for other foods, speciality or novelty spots, some type of culinary experiences that don't involve alcohol?
Also, I'm getting married. I wanted to do a winery weekend, but...yeah. Other ideas?
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2021.10.23 15:18 thearmoredtoaster [WTB] URX 3.1 13.5 [CA]

Looking for a 13.5" URX 3.1 rail. Salty is fine, prefer unpainted.
Hoping to spend <$250 but will go up if accessories are included.
As always, drop a comment below before sending a PM. No chats.
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2021.10.23 15:18 ChemistryIsTheBest MEB tarafından 29-27 Ekimde 7-8 ve 11-12’ler için Türkiye geneli deneme yapılacak.

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2021.10.23 15:18 EightyBlindBees We get it, you're in a queue. Lots of us are, stop posting it.

As title says. We all know there are issues with the servers. We all know this results in long queues to got online.
What I don't know is why I have to see 35 posts per hour of what position of the queue you're in. Anybody else sick of the endless stream of queue posts?
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2021.10.23 15:18 cbvv1992 🔥75% Off Code – $15.00 Magnetic Building Blocks Educational Toys Tiles Set!!

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2021.10.23 15:18 Troll701370 [H] Kharadron Overlords, Slaves to Darkness D&D minis and 3D printed Terrain[W] PayPal, Fyreslayers, GW Terrain, Sons of Behemat [Loc] SLC UT

Reposting some stuff for sale/trade.
Kharadron Overlords: ($100 shipped)
Grundstok thunderers x5 (painted and based)
Skywardens x3 (painted and based)
Endrinriggers x3 (painted and based)
Endrinmaster (painted and based)
Admiral (primed)
Ather khemest (primed)
Slaves to darkness: ($75 shipped)
Daemon prince NIB
Chaos Warriors NIB
D&D miniature lot: ($30 shipped)
Box of extra 3D printed terrain: ($60 shipped)
Pics and verificration: https://imgur.com/a/jV7DWQx
Interested in pretty much any built and painted Fyreslayers or built and/or painted Sons of Behemat. Also interested in NIB GW terrain.
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2021.10.23 15:18 nessamay3 Eating disorder??

I don’t know if what’s wrong with me would count as a eating disorder, I do starve myself, but I still eat I’ve lost weight but not enough to notice, I’d this still a eating disorder
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2021.10.23 15:18 legsarefornoobs Cursed_needle

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