What are some not very well known mobile apps that make your life easier?

2021.10.23 15:38 Basic-Cat What are some not very well known mobile apps that make your life easier?

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2021.10.23 15:38 Wallstreetsqueeze_ CSL DD feels weaker than my CSW V2.5

I have yet to fully tune this thing so if anyone would like to chime in let me know.
Playing ACC the strength is noticeably weaker than my CSW 2.5. I will agree the wheel is wayyy smoother and the response time is amazing (so much easier to catch slides). But I want it to feel heavy like my CSW but it just feels dead on light turns. It definitely packs a bunch when you turn harder but anywhere from 0-30 degrees on each side it’s loose and lacks the weight and feel I want.
I assuming it’s my settings? I followed the fanatec recommended settings for ACC on their forum.
Any help?
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2021.10.23 15:38 rinmatsuokascythe Anime where character has to hide identity but then is revealed the truth/changes

Yo. I’m talking about Code Geass and AOT so spoilers ahead.
I’m looking for anime like Code Geass where Lelouch lived a zombie like life that was all a lie to him, even a fake name. till he got the power of the Geass, that’s when everything changed for him.
Similar aspect is the warriors and Reiner Braun in specific from AOT. Reiner is a warrior and has to hide his identity to achieve his mission but at one point he reveals his identity and snaps. Similar can be said about Eren. In S4 he’s hiding in Marley disguised as a wounded soldier when in reality his plan is to destroy all his enemies. I also like to see how the hidden identity affects the characters. I also like Megumi’s character development in JJK.
I’m looking for anime where characters with hidden identities/meaningless lives become revealed/experience change and now we see them after their “rebirth.” Characters who have to lie about who they are but then experience what they’ve been waiting for their whole lives/that spark and we see what truly happens.
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2021.10.23 15:38 ProfessionalEye2408 🔥Pyroworld - Presale at 7PM UTC || NFT superheroes, launchpad & lottery 🏷 🚀Launch tomorrow! 🤝 Partnerships with Refinable, Water Aid, Save the Children& more / Doxxed Team |Audited - CMC and CG soon after launch | Experienced Marketing Team & Influencers on board | Very Small Hard Cap 40 BNB

🔥 Pyroworld - NFT superheroes, launchpad & lottery! 🔥 – Join our Sweepwidget for a chance to get Whitelist spots, NFTs and Cash Prizes.
I will not personally sleep on this, community is great, same as the devs, very available and honest.
Superheroes saving the world - sound familiar? Think again. This isn’t fiction. Our NFT superheroes will bring order to the cryptosphere. The pyropack exist in a broken world, distorted by the greed of the 1%. Pyroworld is aimed at helping the 99% via real utility.
Good luck, guys!
💎 15% of all NFT sales go to the buyback wallet
💎 Exclusive access to presales for holders
💎 2 weekly lottery draws
Name: Pyroworld
Ticker: Pyro
Supply: 500m
🤝PARTNERED WITH: Refinable, Water Aid & Save the Children
Buy - 12%
Sell - 16%
✅ DOXXED TEAM with experience
✅ ANTI BOT - no buys first 5 blocks + more
✅ ANTI DUMP - 28% descending sell tax at launch
✅ ANTI WHALE - 1% max holder percentage
Telegram: u/pyroworldofficial
Website: www.pyroworld.org
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2021.10.23 15:38 NinjaCoder99 Hornet Tracker radar distance?

Does the Radar in the hornet tracker identify things that are further distance and ping at a further distance or is it only beneficial for when exploration becomes a thing?
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2021.10.23 15:38 idontbelievestuff1 Is a fence 10 meters long or 10 meters wide?

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2021.10.23 15:38 KarrieDarling This scene from the puppet episode 😂 I love Beast Boy's response 😂☠

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2021.10.23 15:38 horsedrawnhearse I hope they allow a macro shortcut to loot to cube on consoles. Right now it's so borked.

Maybe hold a trigger button plus loot and the loot will go to your cube in your inventory or something, because right now it's so clunky and annoying to have to move charms back and forth just to get a drop put away in your cube.
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2021.10.23 15:38 WinterMeteor001 Macbook Pro 16 first review

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2021.10.23 15:38 Miltiades34 I reached the A20 heart with not one, not two, but THREE clashes.

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2021.10.23 15:38 babavisnja What does 'Mail me when you get the blues' mean in BBS?

She is adressing the media in this song if I'm right so what this line could mean in that context? And why is she singing that line only in that laughing drunk voice? Is it like inform me when you understand my sadness or something else?
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2021.10.23 15:38 VolleDaniel I am STILL having problem viewing old media/photos

I am aware of the update to messenger a few months back since the EU removed the function to view all shared media in old chats.
I have, however, still not regained this function. So what have I tried:

Nothing has worked so far. Can you please help me?
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2021.10.23 15:38 Orangedrangon124 Need help identifying this one compote makers mark

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2021.10.23 15:38 Snowy_boi99in5 Timmy's dmg record is cool and all but i have the better one

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2021.10.23 15:38 PresumptivelyAwesome OCD and Meditation

An observation I have is that during meditation, and after you're done, you start to "see" your OCD in action. During meditation, delusional and abhorrent thoughts rear their ugly head. You "see" the rumination in action. You know they are not true or even "real", but because you are meditating, they are even more lucid. And after meditation, you continue to "see" these thoughts. But, because you are able to separate yourself from them, you are able to free yourself from their control.
I have only been doing meditation consistently for a month. With that, for those folks on here who have OCD, has meditation helped you with your OCD? Also, for long-term meditators, have these delusional and abhorrent thoughts subsided, or do you experience them at a less frequent rate?
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2021.10.23 15:38 DND_Smurf Who didn't they see coming?

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2021.10.23 15:38 OfficerSmiles I can't even begin to explain how horrible the "Nerf yourself" argument is

Guys, Cold War is OBJECTIVELY the easiest zombies experience we have had within the Black Ops line (Not counting WaW). Buried, a pretty universally agreed easy zombies map, has the current world record set to around 233 which was set like 5 or 6 years after the maps release. Now look at cold war. People are pulling off flawless 400+ round runs less than a week after a map's release. Most maps in this game have 900+ round world records. That's fucking insane.
I have problems with this. And for some reason, whenever somebody criticizes the difficulty (or lack thereof) in Cold War Zombies, somebody always just says "Uhh just close off half the game to yourself lol just don't use half the content"
I want to be able to use the cool toys and still have some of a challenge. That's basically impossible now. You don't run out of ammo if you've got your perks upgraded. You almost can't go down because of the armor and how strong the field upgrades are. If you do manage to get cornered, just call in chopper gunner. If you somehow go down, don't worry. There's plenty of ways to revive yourself. Oh, and you get to keep a bunch of your perks too. There's just too many get out of jail free cards.
The thing is? A lot of these are cool ideas. The idea of mowing down zombies from a Chopper Gunner is fucking sweet. The wonder weapons are some of the coolest I have seen, particularly the CRBRS and the Dark Aether Axe. The field upgrades I could honestly take or leave, but they can be pretty fun. I just think there are a few outliers that are too strong (Namely Ring of Fire).
You can keep all of these fun, cool things and still have a challenging zombies mode. They just need some rebalancing. Some starting points I might suggest
-Remove the perk upgrade that lets you pick up Ammo off of dead zombies. Part of the challenge in earlier COD games was ammo management, especially true for Black Ops 1.
-Remove decay meter. If you go down, your perks should go.
-Remove a self-revive feature or make them more difficult to obtain. Upgraded tombstone, Quick Revive Self Rez, or Craftable Self-revives, one of them should go IMHO. Of all of these, I like Tombstone the most.
-When pulling out a scorestreak such as chopper gunner, increase the amount of time it takes to activate and make the player vulnerable to damage while activating it. This way, these score streaks become methods for taking out tanky zombs such as Megatons or some disciples you let go for a little too long and got out of control, and not something you pull out when you got stuck in a corner
-Generally increase the cost of these field support items. In my opinion, these should be something you can only get every couple of rounds given how powerful they are.
-Raise the Zombie health cap. Not infinite like the previous installments, but a bit higher. That or cut damage from some non-wonder weapons.
-Nerf ROF cooldown, or cut some of the damage to basic zombies and have a higher multiplier against elites.
And before someone even mentions it, I didn't even like BO3 Zombies. I hated the gobblegums because some of them were so broken. I prefer the difficulty of Black Ops 1 zombies, while some of my favorite maps are from BO2 zombs.
To Summarize: Cold War has been very innovative in its mechanics zombies content. I really appreciate that. I just think some things are a little too strong and could use nerfs.
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2021.10.23 15:38 IntroChem20 CSGO New Update : Network Lag

Due to recent updates to the game, and due to some errors, csgo is lagging despite having good network and I am not seeing anyone talk about it. Are you people here also facing the same issue?
Similar to the one in the video:- CSGO new update lag
Is there any temporary way to fix it from our side?
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2021.10.23 15:38 Rajajikiaayegibaraat Sneha Karmakar (new)

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2021.10.23 15:38 Whichwhenwhywhat Investing in Silver

Growing Demand in Industrial Sector Creates New Opportunities for Investors
Silver used to be only Golds little brother, but it has increasing industrial demand. Fundamentals about silver say two things: With increasing use for EV, electronics and solar panels silver is not only a monetary metal like gold, but also an industrial metal with increasing demand from these industries.
„Traditionally, silver prices have tracked gold prices fairly closely, which makes sense given that both function as monetary metals, and they often occur together in mineral deposits. The correlation between gold and silver since 1975 has been 0.8876. The 10-year correlation coefficient is 0.7511. However this year, the correlation has dropped significantly to 0.1959. The reason is the fact that both copper and silver are being increasingly demanded in green energy applications.“
Other than Gold, Silver is increasingly used by industry:
Forecast for Silver consumption from Automotive Industry:
After a bearish trend silver seems to have found a bottom and technical indicators turn bullish.
Looking at the supply situation it must be noted that Silver is mined mostly as a byproduct from other mining operations, but Silver is limited.
With global reserves of about 530.000 MT and mine production of about 27.000 MT a year at the moment a limited resource is facing an increased demand from industrials and investors.
A rising demand meets a limited supply.
The question remains, will this scenario result in rising silver prices or can the price remain where it is?
Commodities and miners are risky investments and especially Silver is very volatile, but prices are low and create an investment possibility as well as a diversification to tech stocks.
Latest chart update:
Update (10/22)
Investing in Silver miners:
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2021.10.23 15:38 GotNoThumbz Trade with Sunny. Sunny has what you need.

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2021.10.23 15:38 Ophiophxgus Never seen one in person before, but today I found about 30 of them 😊 North West UK

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2021.10.23 15:38 imyunang Tuneful and catchy indie folk / rock / alt / synthpop / shoegaze tunes playlist for roadtrips, travels and wandering with 100+ tracks 2k+ follows.

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2021.10.23 15:38 digitaljm If you’re not bumping wu tang all weekend you’re fucking up. Embrace the hype my fellow degens! All my tendies going to Wu Tang Financial post MOASS

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2021.10.23 15:38 cwhiskeyjoe James E. Pepper Rye rip-off? 92 proof instead of 100? (Read comment)

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